Erica Valadez

Erica Valadez

Erica Valadez

Banking Center Manager & Bank Officer at Lone Star National Bank



Erica Valadez has been a stalwart figure in the banking industry for an impressive 26 years, garnering recognition as a Banking Center Manager & Bank Officer at Lone Star National Bank. Her journey from a graduate of McCollum High School in Harlandale ISD to an esteemed banking professional is marked by a deep-rooted commitment to community growth and financial empowerment.


Erica’s dedication to the Southside of San Antonio goes beyond her professional role; it’s a passion reflected in her involvement in major community events and organizations. She has been a driving force in fostering opportunities for new and existing businesses, offering crucial guidance, networking platforms, and business development seminars. Her initiatives also extend to empowering the community through financial literacy programs, bridging the gap between aspiration and achievement for students and adults.


At Lone Star National Bank, Erica embodies the institution’s mission to be the premier independent community bank in South Texas. The bank’s commitment to customer focus, teamwork, respect, integrity, and excellence aligns seamlessly with Erica’s values and approach to banking. LSNB is a testament to financial inclusivity and Hispanic ownership. The bank has served south Texas for more than 40 years, with two corporate offices, one in the Rio Grande Valley and one in San Antonio. In total, LSNB has 36 locations from South Padre Island/Brownsville to Roma, Texas, up to the San Antonio region. Within the last 15 years of having a presence in San Antonio, Erica and her team have achieved growth at a steady pace.


Erica’s 26-year tenure in the banking sector has honed her expertise in project management, leadership, and business banking. She possesses a comprehensive understanding of various business entities and excels in providing financial guidance, particularly in building business credit. Erica’s genuine interest in hearing the stories behind business beginnings underscores her empathetic and client-focused approach.


Beyond her professional endeavors, Erica finds strength and joy in her family. She is a proud mother to her daughter Paige Reyes and a doting grandmother to Mila, Abel, and Sebastian. Growing up on the Southside of San Antonio under the care of her father, Victor Valadez, who served in the USAF, Erica imbibed values of resilience, community spirit, and service, a heritage she carries forward in her banking career and community initiatives.


Erica Valadez’s story is about resilience, leadership, and unwavering dedication to community empowerment. Through her Lone Star National Bank role and tireless efforts in fostering growth and financial literacy, she continues to be a beacon of hope and progress for Southside San Antonio.


Erica M Valadez

Banking Center Manager & Bank Officer

6986 S Zarzamora

San Antonio, TX 78224





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