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The History of Our Publication

San Antonio Woman is the oldest continuously published magazine in the city. Since 2002, we have been celebrating the women of San Antonio. San Antonio Woman is more than a lifestyle magazine, covering diverse topics such as entrepreneurship, physical and mental health, and business.

As we’ve grown, our efforts have moved beyond the page to a truly multimedia platform, including digital and social media channels and events that spotlight the women living in this city and the issues that are important to them.

Empowering Women In Our City

At San Antonio Woman, we pride ourselves on representing the women of San Antonio. We are dedicated to informing, educating, and inspiring the vibrant women in our city. Via our multimedia platform and through our diverse content, we are empowering women all around San Antonio.

We provide valuable information on a wide range of topics, including local events, entertainment, lifestyle, health, and business and career insights. Our readers gain knowledge and resources from our valuable content to help them thrive in their personal and professional lives.


305 E. Ramsey Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78216


Partnering With San Antonio Woman

San Antonio Woman allows your brand to tap directly into the immense potential of San Antonio’s dynamic community of women. Sponsorship, advertising, and content partners gain unparalleled access to our unique audience.

Our magazine, website, social media channels, and events are designed to help position brands as influential voices. Partnering with us can help amplify your messages and create meaningful connections with our engaged audience. Our partners foster brand credibility, affinity, and trust with our audience, who value the content and recommendations we provide.

San Antonio Woman’s Multimedia Sponsorship programs are truly one-of-a-kind opportunities, offering a premium multimedia platform to reach a targeted and highly desirable demographic.

  • Publisher
    Cathleen Lane
    Dale Lane
  • Editor
    Cathleen Lane
  • Copy Editing
    Colleen Quirk
  • Contributing Writers
    Rudy Arispe
    Steve Bennett
    Christie Cuthbert
    Jenny Jurica
    Dawn Robinette
  • Photography
    Nina Padilla
    Al Rendon
  • Creative Director & Graphic Designer
    Miriam Jesajies
  • Digital Media
    Taylor Lane
  • Website Management
    Innov8 Place LLC
  • Business Development & Marketing
    Dale Lane
    Cindy Jennings
  • Administration & Customer Service
    Abbie Lane
  • Printing
    Shweiki Media
  • Editor Emeritus
    Beverly Purcell-Guerra

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