Nonprofit Visionaries

Barbara Goldman

Women Leading Change – San Antonio Visionaries By Michelle Vasquez | Photography by Suzanne Pack Women leaders make change look easy, but it’s not. It takes passion and leadership to create change in our communities. In San Antonio, Barbara Goldman of TeamAbility, Rev. Denise Barker of Magdalena House, and Jacquie Leath of Recovery in Motion […]

Childhood Ear Infections

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“Why does my kid have so many ear infections?”   The simple answer is anatomy. Ear infections are a common ailment in childhood, causing distress for both the child and their parents. A suspected ear infection is one of the most common reasons parents take their child to the doctor. The most prevalent type of […]

Women Making an Impact on San Antonio’s Healthcare Ecosystem

Women in Business, SA's Healthcare Ecosystem

By Blithe Wiley | Photography by David Teran   According to a 2021 study commissioned by the Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, the healthcare and biosciences sector of the San Antonio economy delivered a $44 billion impact to the region and directly employed more than 180,000 people. Today, one out of five San Antonians […]

5K Vending LLC & 5K Coffee Co.

Business Spotlight 5K Vending

Amber Gaines Owner/Operator     What sets 5K Vending apart from other vending machine businesses? I can’t speak for other vending machine operators, but at 5K Vending, we strive to be responsive and adaptive. I think most operators can manage costs and set prices appropriately, but I want to be the best at giving our […]

The Elf Louise Christmas Project

Elf Louise wrapping1 web

The Elf Louise Christmas Project is dedicated to bringing the joy of Christmas to the children of our community who otherwise would be at risk of not having a celebration of the Christmas season. Their theme is “Every child deserves a Christmas,” and their goal is to provide Santa delivery of wrapped gifts to children […]