Brooks Profile – Alejandra Rodriguez 

Alejandra Rodriguez

  Alejandra Rodriguez  Vice President of Human Capital, NatureSweet   Alejandra Rodriguez’s career is a testament to her passion for nurturing talent. For decades, she’s been doing the exact same thing with people, nurturing talent across the world at major brands such as The Gillette Company, Philips, Proctor & Gamble, and The Clorox Company. […]

Brooks Profile – Erica Valadez

Erica Valadez

Erica Valadez Banking Center Manager & Bank Officer at Lone Star National Bank     Erica Valadez has been a stalwart figure in the banking industry for an impressive 26 years, garnering recognition as a Banking Center Manager & Bank Officer at Lone Star National Bank. Her journey from a graduate of McCollum High School […]

The Strategic Exit

Linda Ratner Photo

The Strategic Exit: How Preparing to Leave Can Improve Your Stay By Linda Ratner   In the realm of business, where the stakes are high and the outcomes deeply personal, a single truth emerges: most business owners have a significant portion, up to 80% of their net worth, intimately tied to their company. This reality […]

Hillary the Loan Lady

Hillary The Loan Lady

  Hey there, folks! I’m Hillary Moussali, but you can call me Hillary the Loan Lady—trust me, it’s catchier that way! Despite my best efforts, my last name, “Moussali,” tends to slip right out of people’s minds quicker than a silk scarf in a gentle breeze. So, to make sure I stick in your memory […]

The Dossier: Frost Private Banking

Frost Private Banking

Pictured L-R:  Gloria Connor, Assistant Vice President; Cindy Snyder, Vice President; Sibonae Jones, Vice President; Maralessa Gonzales, Assistant Vice President; Mildred Markl, Assistant Vice President; Denise Henk, Assistant Vice President; Leanne Ethridge, Senior Vice President  |  Not pictured: Linda Douglas, Senior Vice President; Veronica Payne, Vice President; Kandice Persad, Assistant Vice President     What […]