The Dossier: Frost Private Banking

Frost Private Banking

Pictured L-R:  Gloria Connor, Assistant Vice President; Cindy Snyder, Vice President; Sibonae Jones, Vice President; Maralessa Gonzales, Assistant Vice President;
Mildred Markl, Assistant Vice President; Denise Henk, Assistant Vice President; Leanne Ethridge, Senior Vice President  |  Not pictured: Linda Douglas, Senior Vice President;
Veronica Payne, Vice President; Kandice Persad, Assistant Vice President



What type of clients benefit from having a Private Banker?


We find that affluent individuals and families look to a trusted advisor to offer guidance through the various wealth management issues that may arise throughout their financial life cycle. That said, our clients are also those who benefit from a holistic approach that offers solutions to their multi-faceted financial needs.


What are some examples of Private Banking services you provide?


Our private bankers serve as the primary point of contact for the full suite of services offered through Frost. From traditional banking and credit management to planning centered on investments, insurance, or your estate, our bankers are here to help you prioritize and realize your goals.


What sets you apart from other Private Bankers?


Rather than categorizing our clients’ finances, we view them as parts of a whole. In the pursuit of helping our clients reach their goals, we collaborate with Frost specialists in investments and insurance, as well as with the clients’ CPAs, attorneys, and other advisors. At Frost, you have the benefit of specialists across many disciplines, all working together to help you protect and grow your wealth.


How do you define success in working with your clients?


Our success is measured against helping our clients achieve their financial goals. When a client is able to buy their dream vacation home or watch their child graduate from medical school with no student loan debt, we know we’ve done our job right. We are grateful when a client is gracious and willing to share their experience and refer a friend or family member. In doing so, it demonstrates our bankers have provided valuable guidance and excellent service.


Frost Private Banking

111 W. Houston Street, San Antonio, Texas 78205 

(800) 513-7678  |

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