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Diana Deitrick – Craft House Interiors

Interior Architect/Designer 


What sets your firm apart from other interior designers?

Our firm stands out for several reasons. First, I am able to design in multiple styles, tailoring each project to reflect the client’s personality and preferences. I approach every project with unparalleled passion, treating it like my own. My desire for out-of-the-box ideas ensures that each design is innovative and unique, while my dedication to creating extraordinary experiences for clients sets us apart.


Why would someone want to hire a designer?

I cater to three main types of clients: homeowners, builders, and investors. For homeowners, hiring a designer means gaining access to a visionary who can create a cohesive concept and plan of action for their project. This guidance helps clients select the best products, optimize functional layouts, and stay within budget, all while alleviating the stress associated with building or renovating a home.


For builders and investors, enlisting the services of a designer is a strategic move. Not only does it save time and prevent costly mistakes, but it also ensures that the project stands out in the market. By enhancing the property’s appeal and marketability, a designer ultimately contributes to increased profitability.


Where do you find inspiration? How do you stay up to date with current trends?

My inspiration comes from a myriad of sources, including travel, fashion, nature, and art. I also find inspiration in the work of other designers across several mediums and in my clients’ unique personalities. To stay connected to current trends, I actively engage with various design communities, attend industry events, and continually explore new ideas and techniques.


How do you help clients discover and communicate their design needs and style?

A key aspect of my approach is asking probing questions and utilizing visuals to facilitate communication. During our initial meeting, I dive deep into understanding the client’s preferences, aspirations, and aesthetic sensibilities. I encourage clients to share images of anything that resonates with them visually, allowing us to align on design direction and ensure clarity throughout the process.


What design trends are you excited about?

I am excited by lighting, color, fabrics, furniture, and tile trends. These elements have the power to transform a space and elevate its ambiance. The current trend toward eclecticism, where the fusion of different styles is accepted and celebrated, particularly intrigues me. This trend opens opportunities for creative experimentation and creating truly unique environments.


What trends are you happy to see going out of style?

One trend that I’m pleased to bid farewell to is the dominance of grays. As we embrace a new era characterized by color, brightness, and contrast, I welcome shifting towards lighter interiors that exude warmth and vitality.


Craft House Interiors

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Photography by David Teran

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