Going Coastal

Living Room from Frosted Home

    Adding Style to Beach House Décor By Kelley Frost   The late Jimmy Buffet said, “If there’s a heaven for me, I’m sure it has a beach attached to it.” Decorating a beach home can be a heavenly project if you follow three “C’s” of coastal design: Calm, Carefree, and Connection. Whether at […]

Craft House Interiors

CraftHouse Interiors

  Diana Deitrick – Craft House Interiors Interior Architect/Designer    What sets your firm apart from other interior designers? Our firm stands out for several reasons. First, I am able to design in multiple styles, tailoring each project to reflect the client’s personality and preferences. I approach every project with unparalleled passion, treating it like […]

Elevated Coastal Living

Living room coastal home

  Elevated Coastal Living By Lisa Bakke Interiors   As summer approaches and schools wrap up their end-of-year semester, many families will head to the beach for much-anticipated relaxation, toes in the sand, and salt air. There is something so transforming about “chilling out” on vacation, spending time with our children and family in a […]

Embracing Modern Elegance

CKC Homes Exterior

  Approaching the residence, one is greeted by a sense of anticipation, walking up to the commanding front door that sets the tone for the refined elegance within. Crossing the threshold reveals a world of modern sophistication and luxury, starting with the grandeur of the living room.   The living room serves as the heart […]

Frosted Home

Kelley Frost

    Where do you find inspiration? How do you stay up to date with current trends? While I enjoy a good novel, curling up with a coffee table book with beautiful interiors might define my perfect Sunday afternoon. I peruse Pinterest and Instagram and enjoy designer showhouses like Kip’s Bay in Dallas. If I’m […]