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Where do you find inspiration? How do you stay up to date with current trends?

While I enjoy a good novel, curling up with a coffee table book with beautiful interiors might define my perfect Sunday afternoon. I peruse Pinterest and Instagram and enjoy designer showhouses like Kip’s Bay in Dallas. If I’m stuck, I love going to the McNay Art Museum and being surrounded by works of art.


What design trends are you excited about?

I’m reluctant to jump on trends, opting to create a more timeless aesthetic, but new styles keep us evolving. Fashion and interior design often reflect one another, and last fall, runways turned toward a trend called “latte dressing.” Think deep textures, luxurious trims and fabrics, rich browns, and soft creams. For 2024, lamps are favored versus harsher, recessed lighting. For me, lamps are the jewelry of a room; my living room has seven lamps! The trend toward indoor-outdoor living remains strong, and many vendors have added outdoor furniture to their lines. New collections mimic interior styles, so creating a gorgeous living space on a covered patio can extend square footage without a major renovation.


What trends are you happy to see going out of style?

Cookie-cutter decorating lacks personalization, and that’s what many of the big box retailers offer. We can access many vendors that aren’t represented on the floor to create a look that is curated and collected. Minimalism has taken a back seat to maximalism, so that rooms feel comfortable and layered without being cluttered. Fortunately, perfection has gone by the wayside in home décor, so we don’t have to obsess over flawless Pinterest interiors and can mix multiple eras of furnishings and accessories. One of the easiest ways to keep a home feeling fresh is by editing what you have and letting go of pieces that no longer work. Small changes make a difference; swap pillows on your sofas and bring in a new color to your current palette.


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