How to Design a Room Around Your Peloton

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By Shawna Percival
CEO + Creative Director, Styleberry Creative Interiors


Our team is known for being a very active bunch, so naturally, when the pandemic made it difficult to attend our favorite studio classes safely, we made our homes into a place to work out. You too?!


I, personally, added a Peloton, which isn’t as pretty but is perfect for squeezing in between all my kids’ swim meets & lacrosse practices. Nothing makes me laugh harder, work harder, & get my life together more (ha!) than Cody. Tunde’s arm challenge is also a personal fave!


Our Director of Design, Kennedi, also brought home a Peloton around the same time. Between the two of us and our equally active clients, we’ve bonded over our love of Peloton’s quick burn, sharing it with our spouses, & of course… designing beautiful homes around this bulky piece of machinery!


If you have been wondering where to put your Peloton… how to help it blend into the design of the room… & how to hide it out of sight… this one’s for you. Let’s take it step by step.


1. Which room will house your Peloton?

When we help clients design a room around their Pelotons, we always consider placement first. Gyms, bedrooms, & utility rooms are the go-to locations, but it depends on the space you have available… & who will have to look at it when it’s not in use!


Peloton room rendering


This client’s space is a home office/workout hybrid room, where we fit a treadmill & a Peloton. This was a smaller home with no separate space for the workout room, so we got creative! The closet houses gear, there’s a window for a view, and any Zoom calls will not have a machine in the background, so no one will be the wiser.


2. Will your Peloton be out in the open or hidden?


In this home office, it wasn’t possible to hide the Peloton, but in a larger room, it can definitely be done. Again, creativity is key! Here’s a great example:


Peloton Floorplan


Stylish partitions always help if we are trying to hide the Peloton. We added a partition to this bedroom, so from the door and the bed, our clients will only see the seating area. We also put a floor mirror in front of the Peloton to add some light & a reflection of the pretty art on the wall by the seating area. This keeps it out of sight but not closed in.


3. Is the flooring stable & supportive?


Once we have the location identified, we have to consider how the Peloton will sit on the floor & if it needs a mat. If you have tile floors, you’ll probably want a mat to level the service and keep it from catching on the grout.


The same is true for hardwood floors. Although levelness isn’t a problem, a mat will protect those floors from potential damage. Even if you have carpet or a rug, we’d probably recommend a mat to protect the soft surface from any sweat.


Peloton Bike Room

Kennedi’s house, where her beautiful Peloton set up includes a mat for stability.


4. Is there enough space around the bike?


We need to consider the space around the bike for a variety of reasons. Yes, this question may have already come into play when we were considering where to put a Peloton in a home, but there’s more to it than that:


If the rider does other classes on it, they will need space to raise their arms or get out of the saddle.


If the bike is a Bike+, we have to pay attention to where the screen swivels for mat classes.


If there is other equipment in the room, do we have space for it? Or can we strategically hide it?


Is there a nice view? Natural light? Room to breathe?


Etc. You know best what you need from the space. & if you’re working with us, we’ll ask all the important questions to help you discover and address those needs.


5. What else do you need in the room?


Don’t forget access to an electrical outlet! Pelotons need to be plugged in, so if you find the best location in your home but you can’t access electrical, you’ll have a problem. The other essential to factor into the equation? Fans & airflow. Because you’re going to sweat!


6. Can you make your Peloton work with the room’s color palette?


Yes. If there’s a will, there’s a way. If we can work the decor around the black & red color scheme, we do, but here at Styleberry we have an allergy to the color red. In most cases, we choose to add contrast instead (think black & white) so that the Peloton blends in with the room as a black accessory. Then, we’ll add at least one or two other elements in the same color scheme to help it feel cohesive.


7. How should you style a space with a Peloton in it?


Just like any other space! Styling a space with a Peloton in it isn’t so different from incorporating a black TV or other large appliance into a room. We treat Pelotons like any other accessory and try not to make the room feel like a gym (unless that is the goal). Instead, we apply our signature touch to the space, like we did in Kennedi’s home.


You can follow our lead by adding a gallery wall of art, some fresh (or faux) greenery to boost your spirits, and simple yet meaningful decor to make the space feel warm and welcoming. Or, hire us for Custom Interior Design, and we’ll design the room for you!


Until next time, you do you, boo!




*SAWM Render 1

VR Link Styleberry Peloton Flex Space

The QR code links to a panorama of the space above—this is our immersive VR experience. We are the only design firm in town offering clients a VR experience before implementing their design concept.


Styleberry Creative Interiors specializes in fresh, relaxed design for local renovations + furnishing design nationwide. We often work virtually for furnishings projects, even for some SA clients. We offer fresh, relaxed, meaningful design plans for women who want to lead their renovation or home furnishings projects with ease. We believe in creating spaces where you can come home &… exhale. Spaces that help you power down, connect, and really live. Giving you the tools to proudly create these spaces yourself? That’s what sets us on fire! Find us online at or on Instagram at styleberrycreativeinteriors.



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