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We take a personal approach to investing. After all, it’s about your family, your goals, your lifestyle and your dreams. Together, we’ll work to take care of you and your family today and for generations to come.

Who needs help with financial planning? 

I believe everyone can benefit from a financial plan, no matter what their age or income level. It’s important for everyone to have a place to view their full financial picture so they’re aware of their ongoing financial health. Keeping track of financial goals is just as important. 

–     Victoria Martinez, CFP®

What sets you apart from other financial planners? 

At Frost, we truly listen to what motivates our clients. Whether it’s in their ordinary lives or their jobs, we understand their concerns for the future and make sure we keep their goals at the forefront of our planning. I find that those measures help strengthen the relationship over time and the trust clients place with me.

–     Ashley Ferguson, CWS®, Vice President, Wealth Advisor

What are you concerned or excited about on the economic horizon?

The economic horizon will always have its challenges, no matter what’s taking place in the markets or what overall conditions are like. I am excited as a financial advisor to assist clients in reaching their financial goals, no matter what challenges may arise.

–     Laurie Wieters, Senior Vice President, Wealth Advisor

What is your investment philosophy? 

I bring a personalized investment strategy with a long-term approach to interactions with our clients. We’re all individuals, so it’s important to treat each client individually and get to know their goals.

–     Rebecca Boyd, CWS®, Senior Vice President, Wealth Advisor

Frost Investment Services, LLC

111 W. Houston Street, San Antonio, Texas 78205 (800) 292-1292


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