Beat the Heat Summer Hairstyles

Summer Hairdo 1


By Terri Rehkopf  |  Photography by Courtney Cobb-Gomez



Round Beveled Bob haircut

This 90s-inspired haircut, featuring a bouncy, voluminous bob, remains popular for its versatility, chicness, and flattering effect. Defined by a strong perimeter and lively bounce, it effortlessly boosts volume, elongates the neck, and enhances hair thickness.


Tools used on this style:

Our surface blowout styling gel mousse prepares your hair while it’s damp. It’s our beloved go-to, boasting a lightweight formula that keeps your style intact throughout the day, delivering that coveted, voluminous bob appearance. Achieve voluminous, chic hair with the help of a Brazilian blowout ion blow dryer and the Ergo E 43 medium-sized round brush. Focus on each section to enhance volume throughout the hair while gently tucking the ends for a bouncy finish. Here’s a pro tip: apply mousse to damp hair for optimal prep, then let it air dry for approximately 15 minutes or until halfway dry. This method ensures efficient drying and a sleek, frizz-free result.

Then, finish with the Sebastian Shaper holding hair spray for the final touches. This hairspray works wonders, especially in San Antonio’s humidity, ensuring your style stays fresh throughout the day. It’s our top pick, particularly during humid seasons when we’re crafting our favorite looks.


Summer Hairdo 2



Grown-out fringe look

Here’s the latest summer sensation: a versatile fringe that’s not too heavy in the bang area, allowing for easy style changes. This longer fringe seamlessly blends with the layers and face frame, offering the flexibility to wear it down, pinned up, or swept to the side. Typically cut on dry hair, this style is effortlessly chic. Opt for a downward motion when drying your hair and angle the blow dryer downwards to avoid excessive volume. This lived-in look is meant to be low-maintenance, offering the option to effortlessly sweep it back for a different vibe.


Summer Hairdo with Pink Bow



Ribbons and bows are in

You can use a donut to create a bun with your hair and wrap a cute ribbon around it for an easy yet stylish hairstyle.

All that is needed is:

Donut (there are many sizes to accommodate your hair)

Hair spray

Bobby pins

U pins

Ribbon of any color

Terri Rehkopf is a seasoned hairstylist and the proud owner of Ippodaro Salon. Recognized by esteemed publications like Forbes and Women’s Health for her natural hair care expertise, Terri strongly advocates for natural and sustainable hair products. Renowned as the ultimate hair guru, she excels in nurturing hair naturally and creating breathtaking hairstyles suitable for every season.

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