DeAnna Hardwick

DeAnna Hardwick


DeAnna Hardwick

Chief Customer Strategy Officer



CPS Energy is committed to providing equitable energy programs to our diverse and growing community. DeAnna Hardwick, Chief Customer Strategy Officer, leads the customer, community, and communications teams, taking pride in providing affordable energy to everyone.


“Being municipally owned, we are responsible for providing affordable power to our customers and finding innovative ways to support our communities.”


DeAnna and her team work tirelessly to identify new opportunities to support our community. She and her team have developed the Bundled Support approach to serve our community through more than 200 partnerships to help people find the assistance they need. She has also been a proponent of our Affordability Discount Program (ADP), which aids low income customers with their energy bills.


Eligibility for ADP is determined by several factors, including household income and, more recently, energy burden, characterized by an annual energy expense of more than 10% of your yearly household income. DeAnna has worked to increase the eligibility requirements to allow more customers to qualify for the program and support those with high energy bills.


“I am proud to support initiatives that help our customers. Expanding our Affordability Discount Program shows our commitment to providing equitable energy to our most vulnerable customers.”


Before this role, DeAnna served as Executive Vice President of Customer Strategy, where she developed innovative approaches to serving customers impacted by the pandemic. DeAnna continues to identify opportunities to support our customers and is proud to lead a team of women with hearts for our community.


“As our population grows and continues to diversify, we will continue to seek opportunities to partner with our community in overcoming the challenges that our low income customers face.”


In addition to her efforts to bridge gaps for CPS Energy customers, DeAnna enjoys supporting the utility industry through service on the ITRON Outcome Strategic Advisory Board (OSAB), and she serves her community as a Boysville board member.


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To learn more about CPS Energy’s financial assistance programs,
visit or call 210-353-2222.

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