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By Lainey Berkus 

Photography by David Teran

How many of us choose a handbag thinking about balance, emphasis, repetition, pattern movement, line, shape, structure, fabric, texture, color, space, construction, durability? 

Analy Diego, my fascinating, talented and super cool friend considered all of these elements when she came to this interview wearing her Gucci limited edition Disney Mickey Mouse tote. 

This large bag is crafted from the brands supreme tan canvas trimmed with textured leather, with the repeated signature Mickey Mouse on both sides. It features two round comfortable handles, both wide with a good length. The big open center has a slip and zipper pocket, gold hardware and a matching Mickey clutch.

“I’ve always been inspired by Walt Disney — his perseverance, talent, ambition and most importantly, how he was able to turn something that most people consider unattractive (a mouse) into the iconic character that EVERYONE knows today (one that transcends all language and cultural barriers) is something that always reminds me that everything is possible if you work hard and believe in your potential.”.

Talk about inspiring — Analy truly inspires me. She is a registered interior designer with the State of Texas, a professor and faculty member in the school of architecture at the University of Texas at San Antonio where she teaches Materials and Assemblies and Color Theory courses. Analy is also a well sought after artist. I encourage all readers to go to her must-see shows at An Arte Gallery, where she is exclusively represented. Prices and Petals, Over the Rainbow and Icons are a few of her extraordinary curatorial exhibitions. Did I mention she works on two commission pieces every few months too?Analy is also a mom of two young boys under the age of six and a devoted wife to her husband of twelve years. This woman certainly has an impressive and dedicated work ethic.

Analy admits to changing her bags daily depending on her hectic schedule. Some folks wear a lot of hats, she wears a lot of bags! Her closet is filled with designer, vintage, novelty, sentimental and big and small satchels that are all comfortable, light weight and hold different items depending on where she is headed — a school carpool, a construction site, the classroom, the gallery, her art studio, a client meeting or out on the town.

What’s in Your Bag?

My stylish tote is practical and allows me to haul everything I need for the day without breaking my back. The open space holds my pouch with color pens — a different color for every day — so I can keep up with my daily lists. Red and pink are the priority action item colors, sprinkled throughout my lists on any given day. 

Other items in the center include a matching Gucci portfolio with slots for credit cards and two open pockets that hold my finish samples that I need at client meetings, my Louis Vuitton coin purse that holds my receipts, my black Surface Pro laptop with an orange keyboard, a yellow and white Pantone lucite card holder, a traditional red and black tape measure, a black digital tape measure, a set of mini colorful nail files in a white lucite holder, an art sketch pad, a wedding invite that I designed, architectural drawings and sometimes a couple of diapers.

Complimenting her tote, is a second bag, a black leather chevron Chanel crossbody with silver embellishments and a double chain strap that turns into a short hand carrier for evening wear. The bag has an open and zip pocket. Contents include an Iphone, lip gloss, keys, blue light eyeglasses and a Chanel black leather holder with gold hardware. 

Why is color a key component in choosing your bags and its contents?

Jonathan Adler once said, color is an instant, over the counter antidepressant.

I agree. Color has the power to change the way you look and feel. Color is subjective and there is always something new to learn about it, depending on where it is, how much of it is used, the level of intensity and its purpose.

Analy’s Bag Tips:

The relationship you have with your bag is important. It is a statement about who you are that day. When choosing a bag, think about its practicality. My bag must make my life easier since I am always on the go and usually work on more than one project per day. Consider how it goes with your outfit too.


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