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CORIE Properties is a chic, boutique-style, high-end real

estate company. With local real estate expertise and

award-winning Realtors, we know that you’re in good

hands when you’re working with us.

We’ve created a cutting-edge website that is the ultimate

tool for buyers and sellers. With our company, you get

the high-tech and the hands-on, in the exact combination

that works for you. We’re here for you all the way,

whether you’re moving in or moving on.

If you are trying to find a new home, this means issues

such as how much living area you will need, how big

your family is, what your daily activities are, and other

key components will be discussed so we can find you a

home that’s both beautiful and functional. From helping

you with marketing strategies to final closing, we will be

by your side through the entire process.


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5800 Broadway, Suite 205

San Antonio, Texas 78209

(210) 824-1115

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