Carol Meyer & Sarah Meyer

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What do you like best about Scout & Molly’s?
Carol – My favorite part is our fashion and accessories and meeting the new people that come in.
Sarah – I love helping to style each customer with their individual look. I want them to feel good in what they have purchased. I want to develop a relationship with them so they know I am here to help with any of their fashion needs. I also love buying fashion for the store.

What do you do to relax outside of work?
C – I love to antique shop, read, go to our home in Rockport, be with my family and friends, love on my grandkids and just relax at home!
S – I love to ride my horses, compete in horse shows, read, watch college football (Gig ‘Em!) and be with my family and friends.

How did you decide to get into “family business,” and how is the rest of the family involved?
C – We wanted to find a business that we all would have an interest in. Fashion was a natural choice! My husband, Don, is in charge of operations, Sarah is the buyer, and I do public relations and marketing. Our son and his wife are also involved, but limited as he is in the Air Force.
S – I’ve always loved fashion since I was a very little girl. My fashion love started with dusty rose cowboy boots, twirly skirts and my grandma’s high heel shoes!

What is it like working together as mother and daughter, and what are your different roles?
C – It is great! We have had to realize we are partners and not always mother and daughter at the store. I love to greet people when they come in and share we are a family business and explain the Scout and Molly’s story.
S – We have fun! She is the face and I’m more behind the scenes doing the buying, but I do help on the floor.

How do you restrain from keeping one of every outfit for yourselves?
C – I have a very hard time! I want them all!
S – The fun part is we can add our size to any order we place!

What is the best business advice you ever received?
C – There are good days and bad days, take one day at a time and have fun!
S – Be patient.

What community or non-profit groups do you support?
C and S – We support the Alamo Breast Cancer Foundation fundraiser, the Elf Louis toy drive, the Food Bank can drive, and the Alamo Heights Chamber of Commerce, so far.

What is your favorite event in San Antonio? Why?
C and S – Fiesta! It’s a great party with so many things to do!

What do you think makes being a “San Antonio Woman” so special?
C and S – Growing up here, I think we are a product of our environment, as well as our family. San Antonio women are diverse but share values in family and friends, helping others and our community, and having faith. And don’t forget, San Antonio women love to have fun!


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