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Melissa Curiel

Melissa Curiel

Senior Director of DEI and Engagement


A native of San Antonio, Melissa Curiel shares her life with her husband of 20 years and their three adopted children. Her career spans more than two decades in staffing, recruiting and engagement. She joined Goodwill in 2016 and currently serves as the Senior Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) and Engagement for Goodwill San Antonio.


Since April 2022, with the formation of the Goodwill DEI Panel, Melissa has successfully impacted the DEI efforts for the organization’s 1,800 employees. Her work with DEI focus groups, Voices of Veterans and the Lean-In Circle, have been invaluable in sourcing the pulse of Goodwill San Antonio team members. Under Melissa’s leadership, the DEI panel has created opportunities that have helped the organization experience tremendous participation and engagement in events related to Black History Month, Women’s History Month, LGBTQ Month, National Hispanic Heritage Month, and even created an event titled “Taste of Goodwill,” to showcase the food from the many cultures of the team members at Goodwill San Antonio. Through collaboration with the Training and Development Team at Goodwill, Melissa worked to develop DEI Training for the entire organization. Over the past two years, the effective launch of two significant training resources, “Foundations of DEI” and “Generations In The Workplace,” have been key to helping Goodwill leadership and its employees be aware of each other’s presence.


In 2018, Melissa was diagnosed with breast cancer, and just like everything she does…she overcame adversity! As a survivor, Melissa is a relentless advocate for mammogram health and education. She gives back by serving on the Board and Leadership Team of “Overcomers – Daughters of the King of Kings,” – a local breast cancer non-profit organization whose purpose is to be a sisterhood for breast cancer survivors, sharing their testimonies and walking alongside those who are newly diagnosed. Her resilience and dedication to her career and family, and commitment to supporting others make her a true Goodwill Treasure.



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