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“I’m exhausted, but it’s like I am in a dream,” one resident reflected upon moving into Magdalena House. The organization, a transitional shelter in San Antonio, TX, provides transformational housing, education, and supportive services to women and children who have fled dangerous and abusive situations. Transitioning into the program can be surreal for many families as they learn to adjust to life in a safe environment and away from the toxic stress of abuse. Family violence and human trafficking are significant issues in San Antonio, and globally, about 1 in 3 women have experienced physical and sexual violence in their lifetime (World Health Organization).


Founded in 2007 by Rev. Denise Barker, Magdalena House aims to break the cycle of poverty and violence by providing comprehensive support and resources to help families thrive. The shelter offers a safe and nurturing environment where women and their children can heal from trauma, receive educational opportunities, and acquire life skills to rebuild their lives. All mothers in residence are full-time students focusing on ESL, GED, certifications, or collegiate coursework. Additionally, families participate in therapy, parenting education, weekly enrichment classes, and community activities. They receive case management services and the support of nurturing staff. Mothers set short-term and long-term goals for themselves and are held accountable for meeting them. Through intentional and individualized support and programming, Magdalena House mothers graduate from the program as empowered, stable, self-sufficient women who can support their families on their own. The result of such stability is generational, creating opportunity and hope for the children’s futures.


Consider volunteering or making a monetary donation to Magdalena House. Financial contributions help cover operating costs, provide resources for programs and services, and support the ongoing needs of residents. Help raise awareness about Magdalena House’s mission by sharing information with friends, family, colleagues, and social networks. Join the cause at the Magdalena House Annual Gala at La Cantera Resort on September 28th. If you represent a business or organization, consider partnering with Magdalena House through corporate sponsorship, employee giving programs, cause-related marketing initiatives, or in-kind donations. It takes a community of supporters for residents to experience transformation at Magdalena House. Community support and awareness allow more families to know healing and hope through the program so that eventually, residents no longer feel as if they are “in a dream” but are making their biggest dreams a reality.


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