For Denise Jaworski, CEO of Abundant Hospice and Abundant Staffing, her 20-year career in the medical industry, particularly in assisted living communities, led her to found Abundant Staffing in 2018 and Abundant Hospice in 2020. Today, Abundant Staffing provides CNAs, LVNs and RNs to a wide range of clients in the healthcare industry across 30 states. The company maintains a talent pool of more than 850 medical professionals and provides 24/7 support to clients.


Abundant Hospice provides in-home hospice services. The company provides a holistic and personalized approach to hospice care. “Abundant Hospice is proud to be powered by a dedicated team of 30 extraordinary employees, each of whom plays an integral role in shaping the compassionate and high-quality care we are known for.


Jaworski’s career path was deeply influenced by her father, who was a pastor, and her mother, who was a nurse working in skilled nursing facilities. “Many of my childhood days were spent alongside my parents, visiting the ill and elderly, and trying to bring joy and comfort to their lives during weekends,” she said. This early exposure instilled in her an enduring passion for caring for others, particularly the elderly.


“My professional career path eventually led me to work in assisted living communities, where I had the privilege of supporting families as they navigated the complexities of seeking additional care for their senior loved ones,” Jaworski said.


For Jaworski, her passion for the hospice care profession is a deeply personal one. “My stepfather, whom I affectionately called ‘Pops,’ fell seriously ill at the relatively young age of 54,” she explained. “Having facilitated many families through the hospice process professionally, I found myself in uncharted territory when the conversation about hospice care needed to happen within my own family. The experience we had with hospice was deeply impactful, providing tremendous support for my mother and our family while ensuring that Pops passed away peacefully.”


According to Jaworski, Abundant Hospice stands distinct in the compassionate care landscape for several key reasons. “At the core of our ethos is a deeply personalized approach to care, recognizing and honoring the unique needs and wishes of each patient and their families. What truly sets us apart is our commitment to creating an environment where our employees feel valued and part of a meaningful mission, which directly translates to the quality of service our patients receive.”


Jaworski is quick to point out that there exist a number of common misconceptions regarding hospice care, particularly that it signals giving up hope or that it’s only appropriate in the very final days of life. “In reality, hospice is about enhancing the quality of life and providing dignity and peace to patients with life-limiting illnesses, often much earlier in their journey than many realize.


“Another common misunderstanding is that hospice care is solely focused on the physical aspects of end-of-life care,” Jaworski explained. “While managing pain and other symptoms is a crucial part of what we do, hospice care also encompasses emotional, spiritual and psychological support for both patients and their families.”


Jaworski noted that the leadership ranks in both the medical staffing and hospice care sectors have been traditionally male-dominated positions. “As a woman CEO, one of the foremost challenges is overcoming the preconceived notions and biases about female leadership capabilities. It’s about consistently proving that leadership effectiveness is not gender-dependent but is instead based on skills, insights and the ability to inspire and drive positive change,” she said.


“Additionally, there’s the ongoing task of advocating for gender equality and diversity within the industry. This involves championing policies and practices that support work-life balance, equal opportunities, and a respectful and supportive workplace for everyone,” Jaworski continued.


Jaworski emphasized that her faith and family are the bedrock of her career. “I firmly believe that I would not have been able to fulfill my calling without the guidance and strength I draw from God,” she said. “In addition, equally foundational to my purpose are my husband, Frank Jaworski, and our children, Lexus and Luke. Their support and belief in me and what I do are invaluable, providing me with the strength to persevere through the toughest days,” she said.


“I am also profoundly grateful for our incredible teams at Abundant Hospice and Abundant Staffing. Their unwavering support not only fuels our collective purpose but also creates a strong, compassionate community committed to making a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.”


if you would like more information, Abundant can be reached at:  Abundant Staffing (210) 760-0892 and Abundant Hospice (210) 608-0081


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  1. Abundant Hospice took such great care of my husband in his final days. The staff were so amazing and showed so much love to my daughter and I. We felt so much love, support and encouragement on our journey! God Bless Denise, her family and her amazing staff !!

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