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I am told I had a milestone birthday last weekend as I begin my 70th year and 8th decade of life. Or, as Jimmy Buffett says, I am beginning another year to “Just enjoy this ride on my trip around the sun.” I must first count my blessings. I have had a very easy life compared to most people alive today and, indeed, compared to most people who have ever lived. Each decade has had heartache, growth, change, loss, resolution to change, failure, more growth, and much help and advice from others. The last sentence can be summarized as “Life.” Some of us, unfortunately, have more of the “bad words” than the “good words” in the sentence.

I have women and some men of all ages come to the spa and tell me something like the following. “I have a special event coming, and I wish to make a change in my life to coincide with the date of the wedding, reunion, birthday, or anniversary I have coming up.” There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, as it is normal human behavior.

How do you divide the timeline of your life? I started this exercise by looking at my new decade. My patients are setting goals by their events coming up. No matter your age now, you are looking ahead each day to a goal. Are you trying to make it through each day, to your payday next week, to retirement, to a special vacation you have planned? Your needs are different than the next person, but one thing is the same for everyone. You cannot take care of your needs or those you love or those who need you if you do not take care of yourself. What does it mean to take care of yourself while setting goals? Self-care helps you acquire some armor or “good words” to help deflect or soften the “bad words” when they appear.

Forty years ago, I would hear from patients, “You look too young to be a doctor. Are you sure you know what you’re doing?” Now, I hear, “You’re not going to retire on me, are you?” I have never been better at what I do. I am healthy, and I love helping my patients in my pain practice and my medical spa. I love being CMO of my medical group and mentoring young doctors. The 60’s were good; the 70’s will be great.

My goal is to help you set your goal to be happy, healthy, and to be the best person you can be for yourself, so you can be there for those important to you.

When I created Turquoise Springs Medical Spa almost six years ago, I wanted it to be more than an average place to get Botox, filler, and laser treatments.

I have integrated my experience in medicine, pharmacy, holistic treatments, naturopathic medicine, botanicals, and my specialty of anesthesiology and pain management into our treatment menu. We are able to meet not only the aesthetic requests of my patients but also other health, wellness, medical, or hormonal issues which might be part of your plan to improve yourself.

Whether your goal is weight loss, improving your immune system, better sleep, restoration of your skin, more energy and less fatigue, or just a little Botox in the forehead, there is a plan for you. We have a new website that details our Health and Wellness, Weight loss plan, Body contouring techniques, and our new Platinum VIP membership. Schedule a consultation with me, and let’s plan your next month, your next year, your next event, or, like me, your next decade. More importantly, let’s talk about what you want and need to be the best YOU for today. Go to turquoisesprings.com to see what can help.

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  1. I have only experienced my first treatment with Dr. Murphy and I am incredibly surprised and thrilled…I, literally, feel like a new person! I was hesitant to start any treatments because I’m very particular about my nutrition and what I put into my body. However, after chatting with Dr. Murphy, I am convinced that his program is absolutely the best available. And after the first treatment, I know I have made the right choice…can’t wait for the next visit!!!

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