DOSSIER: Laura D. Heard Law Firm Inc.

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Laura D. Heard Law Firm Inc.

Laura D. Heard, Attorney/CEO Family Law Firm

Photography by David Teran

Describe the services your business offers to clients.

We change lives by helping people in what is often the most traumatic times of their lives: when they have suffered the loss of a loved one through death or the end of a marriage. We defend people through custody battles, property division disputes, and inheritance issues. We help people plan for the future. I am also a family law mediator and have 35 years of experience as a family lawyer in San Antonio, Texas. I have made hundreds of law videos available on YouTube and written a book on everyday legal issues.

What sets your business apart from others in your industry?

My team and I focus on listening to our clients and taking the time to understand each situation. Often attorneys become calloused to the fact that their clients are hurting. We offer a calm perspective and even pray with our clients if that is what they desire. We care about doing things right.

What do you love most about your work?

I love restoring people’s hope that life will get better despite things that are happening now beyond their control. The most satisfying thing is helping people prepare estate plans so that their families can deal with an unexpected death as smoothly as possible. No matter the situation, the probate court is a process that no one should try to navigate without a lawyer. Divorce court is just as complex. We can help people navigate legal traps they would otherwise not know to avoid.

Laura D. Heard Law Firm Inc.

14607 San Pedro Ave., Ste. 205, San Antonio TX 78232 (210) 655-9090 |


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