Why Do My Ears Ring?

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Tinnitus is the perception of sound when no external noise is creating it. People most often describe tinnitus as ringing or a high-pitched tone, but it can manifest as various sounds, including buzzing, cicadas, hissing, swooshing, and more. The National Institute of Tinnitus reports that more than 25 million Americans experience tinnitus.   Several underlying […]

Sex, Drugs & Oral Cancer™

Ellen Myers

Yep, you read that right.  There’s a new song in town, and while its ending may surprise you, it is one on which we should all be educated.      The incidence of oral cancer has increased each of the last 21 years.  Since 2011, the number of people diagnosed with oral cancer has more […]

The Strategic Exit

Linda Ratner Photo

The Strategic Exit: How Preparing to Leave Can Improve Your Stay By Linda Ratner   In the realm of business, where the stakes are high and the outcomes deeply personal, a single truth emerges: most business owners have a significant portion, up to 80% of their net worth, intimately tied to their company. This reality […]

Fashion for the Rodeo!

Rodeo Fashion

The beloved San Antonio rodeo is right around the corner! Against the backdrop of Tejas Rodeo in Bulverde, our beautiful models, barrel racer Zoey Thygesen of ZT Performance Horses, and country singer Morgan Layne, show off some Western trends to consider this rodeo season! Enjoy fashion styles by Edie O’Brien at ediestyles.com       […]