Haven Design and Construction

Haven Design and Construction

What makes your firm unique?
What makes our firm unique is that I am an interior designer and my husband is a contractor; we work together. Most of our projects involve whole house design and renovation. However, our design team also accepts projects that just involve furniture, drapery and accessorizing, so we are quite versatile.

What are your firm’s design specialties?
We specialize in luxury kitchen and bath design and whole house remodels. We really enjoy large renovation projects and the experience of turning the “ugly duckling into a swan.” It’s very rewarding.

What are the hottest styles and/or trends in San Antonio today?
Gold accents are back in a big way! Thankfully, the new antique gold is not reminiscent of the 1980’s
gaudy polished brass. We are also seeing matte black emerging as a very popular new choice for plumbing and lighting fixtures.

What is your thought process when designing for a new client?
When interviewing a new client, it’s my job to play detective and to uncover all the clues that they give me in order to create a unique and personalized design. The name of our business evolved from a desire to create each client’s “personal haven”.

What advice do you have for a homeowner thinking of redesigning?
These days, Pinterest and Houzz make it easy to create an inspiration design board for your designer. Start by pinning rooms or photos that you love and write notes about what you like and don’t like on each photo. It’s been so helpful to me to have my clients to do this.

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