Kelly J Morales MD, PA

What age is it necessary for a woman’s first appointment with a gynecologist?
The first “Well Woman” visit is usually done at age 21. However, other gyn issues may arise that would prompt an earlier visit such as abnormal bleeding, pelvic pain, contraceptive discussion, sexual health and STI prevention, etc.

Do you deliver your patients’ babies?
I try to deliver my own patients but, if I am unable to be there, I have a fantastic group of other solo practitioners that share “call” with me and take care of my patients in my absence.

Where do your patients deliver?
I am affiliated with Methodist Hospital in the Medical Center and deliver babies there.

If there is cancer in my family, should I have genetic testing?
That depends on what kind of cancer, the age at diagnosis and if anybody in the family has any “clusters” of cancer. (For example, a grandmother with breast cancer in her 70’s and no other family members with breast, colon, ovarian or uterine cancer does not necessarily warrant genetic testing for you while a sister with breast cancer at 35 years old should prompt you to be tested as the early age at diagnosis increases the chance that there may be something genetic.)

Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about you?
I have advanced training in hormone replacement therapy and non-surgical / non-hormonal treatment options for vaginal dryness / painful intercourse. I was the first gynecologist in the Medical Center to offer Votiva, a “no down time” radiofrequency non-surgical / non-hormonal treatment for pain from vaginal dryness. I also recently opened a yoga studio in the medical center that offers prenatal yoga and uses therapeutic infrared heat for non-pregnant practitioners. It is called House of RhythOM and our schedule and information can be found at

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