Guys to Know: Morris Miller CEO, Xenex Disinfection Services


Their germ-killing robot is a scientific breakthrough Before my interview with CEO Morris Miller, Xenex technical director Rachael Sparks volunteers to show me Eden, the company’s innovative disinfecting robot that emits high-intensity UV light to kill germs in hospital rooms, operating rooms and other health care facilities. Eden looks like a compact cabinet on wheels, […]

At Home: A Convivial Confluence of Taste

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Historic River Home A Convivial Confluence of Taste: Family heirlooms and modern art join time and space Perched on a peninsula sloping gently down to the San Antonio River, a stately manse built in 1890 is a regal reminder of King William’s historic past. But a step into this wondrous world of architecture, art, antiques […]

Art Beat: San Antonio Style Bookfest


Director Katy Flato takes the reins Back in 2013, during the first San Antonio Book Festival (SABF), Katy Flato served as moderator for a panel discussion between authors Stephen Harrigan and Bob Thompson, who had both written books about hunting elusive legends. It was her role to address the audience first. “So I welcomed them […]

The Cookhouse: New Orleans style food is exemplary


The Cinderella story of the last few years, at least in the food world, has been the move of many a fledgling restaurateur from mobile truck to fixed location. Though there must be some folks content with the gypsy life, the urge to settle down has got to be a powerful one, and when a […]

City Scene


I recently had an encounter that warmed my journalist heart. Upon meeting this new person at a local company I greeted her with the conventional phrase, “Nice to meet you,” but she responded with “It’s good to see you.” We had never met before, so she explained: “I am reading you all the time so […]