Sukh Kaur

Sukh Kaur


Sukh Kaur

San Antonio City Council, District 1


By Lainey Berkus  |  Photography by Suzanne Pack



I am so excited to introduce you to the super smart, busy, constantly moving, high-energy City Councilwoman —

Dr. Sukh Kaur. Sukh is pronounced like “look” with an “s,” and her last name is pronounced like “core.”


When you meet Sukh, the first South Asian to serve on Council, you know you have met someone super special. She is an individual who wants to make our community stronger in every way. She embraces open and courageous conversations regarding all issues that have a big impact on and improve our city. She knows that powerful and honest conversations with the people of San Antonio will create a pathway to improvement and positive outcomes. She is an advocate for minimizing infrastructure disruptions to neighborhoods and businesses, improving public safety, and supporting small businesses. She serves on three Council Committees: Transportation and Infrastructure, Community Health and Public Safety.


Sukh is easily recognized wherever she goes —and not because of her fabulous purple hair. She is recognized (and enthusiastically greeted) because of her handbag!


Sukh’s fashionable purple cloth bag is roomy, 26 inches wide, 23 inches long, 14 inches deep, and fits up to 18 pounds. It has adjustable, comfortable large shoulder pads, is waterproof, has three mesh pockets, and is made with a soft, durable, high-performing fabric. Most importantly, this bag truly holds precious cargo. You might even say her bag is a bundle of love.


Q What’s in your bag?

A This bag holds my best friend, Heera, my three year old Pomeranian poodle, who weighs 11 pounds. Heera means diamond in Punjabi which is my first language.

During COVID-19, I felt a strong need to have a dog, one that could be easily trained and allergy-friendly. I Googled dogs for sale, and there she was, waiting for me on Craig’s List. It was love at first sight.


Q Where is Heera when you are working?

A Heera goes everywhere I go. Like me, Heera enjoys the speed and energy of our days. We are two heartbeats that move together throughout the day. Most importantly, she is a constant reminder that life is precious.

I am a certified yoga teacher, and Heera is right at my side doing downward dog. I am also the team captain of a flag football team and Heera never misses a game. Heera also goes to my workplace. She takes naps in my office when I am in Chamber meetings, with supervision, of course.

Heera and I went door-knocking together every day for many hours during my District 1 campaign, and we will do that again when I run in 2025. I think people open doors faster because they are so excited to see Heera. Heera seems to create an atmosphere of comfort and calm during these visits. We sit down with hard-working people to discuss complex issues of social justice, business, health, and public safety. My constituents share their experiences and viewpoints with us, directly confronting topics of concern. I am already ready to listen with an open heart; these visits help identify important challenges that need to be strengthened and resolved.


Q Why this particular bag?

A We need a bag that is comfortable for both Heera and myself. The perfect fit was finally found on Amazon — the Kimbra, which ironically has a cat logo. The strap is cushioned and a good fit around my neck. The body of the bag lays comfortably on my hip, and the sturdy fabric keeps up with all the activities of the day. There is a strap inside the bag that allows me to expand or tighten the cavity space if needed.


Q What are the essentials inside your bag?

A The bag must be my favorite color, purple. My hair is purple, my clothes are purple, my bedspread is purple. Heera also has a host of outfits in many shades of purple too. Her beds are purple, her collar is purple, her leash is purple.

The three pockets hold essential items, which are healthy doggie treats, a leash, doggie poop bags, a toy, water, my iPhone, keys, and wallet.



A weight rating that is suitable and comfortable for the size of your dog is priority one.

Outside pockets are necessary so the pet space is not compromised.

Sturdy straps are important.

You don’t want your bag to split or tear, so a sturdy material is important.

Special tip: Give your pet love and attention. Keep your pets healthy with food and exercise. Train your pet when he/she is young.







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