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Dr. Kimberly Ramcharan
Dr. Kimberly Ramcharan


Dr. Kimberly Ramcharan

Family Chiropractic Care in Bulverde

By Michelle Vasquez  |  Photography by David Teran


Dr. Kimberly Ramcharan was born and raised in Los Angeles. She obtained her Biology degree with a minor in Psychology from Grambling State University in Louisiana, then pursued her Doctorate in Chiropractic at Sherman College in South Carolina.


At chiropractic school, she developed a strong interest in family wellness, focusing on prenatal, postpartum, and pediatric care. Her dedication led her to participate in several mission trips to Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Trinidad.


Before founding Renew Texas Family Chiropractic, Dr. Ramcharan gained experience practicing in Dallas, Nashville, and Olive Branch. She has received extensive training from the International Pediatric Chiropractic Association and Logan University’s Masters in Pediatric program and holds Webster Certification. She continually seeks further education through seminars to enhance her expertise.


Dr. Ramcharan is a committed healthcare advocate, speaker, and mentor, actively involved with the International Pediatric Chiropractic Association, Bulverde Spring Branch Chamber, Texas Chiropractic Association, and American Chiropractic Association.


Her love for her profession is apparent in her high-quality service, dedicated team, and consistent results that keep patients returning. Motivated by her faith and a lifelong aspiration to work in healthcare, Dr. Ramcharan and her husband, Joe James, launched their clinic in November 2023. The clinic emphasizes holistic chiropractic care for families.


Regarding her approach and the founding of Renew Texas Family Chiropractic, Dr. Ramcharan chose San Antonio for its vibrant culture and family-friendly environment, aiming to make it their permanent home. Renew Texas Family Chiropractic was established with Dr. Ramcharan’s vision of instilling hope and rejuvenation in her patients. The clinic’s name reflects its commitment to revitalization within the communities it serves, and its goal is to foster a familial environment. The practice caters to everyone from newborns to the elderly, with its oldest patient being 96 years old.


Dr. Ramcharan aims to correct common misconceptions about chiropractic care. She notes that many perceive it merely as a method for managing pain, while others misunderstand its role in facilitating proper self-healing of the body. She advises, “Give it a try before you reject it, and carefully choose a practitioner who focuses on wellness-based chiropractic care, which addresses pain and discomfort and promotes better overall healing.”


She also dispels the myth that chiropractic treatment is a quick fix, emphasizing that ongoing care is essential, like going to your dentist or medical doctor for regular checkups. Consistent chiropractic care is necessary to help the body to maintain balance and healing.


Dr. Ramcharan emphasizes the importance of a whole-body approach to chiropractic care, which involves detailed assessments and not just symptom-based treatments. She advocates for building a healthcare partnership with patients.


Patients can expect a detailed initial consultation from Dr. Ramcharan, including a thorough physical exam and necessary X-rays to diagnose correctly and plan effective treatment.


Renew Texas Family Chiropractic welcomes all family members, treating a range of issues from infant discomforts to adult conditions like arthritis and headaches. The practice prides itself on treating patients like family and ensuring thorough and attentive care.


Located in the Bulverde/ Spring Branch area, Renew Texas Family Chiropractic invites families to visit their office, where Dr. Ramcharan’s son often greets patients.


Please visit or call (830)327-7327 for more information.


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