Dr. Bart Wilson

Bart Wilson

Transforming San Antonio One Smile at a Time

By Michelle Vasquez | Photography by David Teran


Dr. Bart Wilson knew he wanted to make a difference in the healthcare industry. Orthodontics was a natural choice based on his experience working with his orthodontist: “I enjoyed my orthodontics experience, which I don’t think everybody does; it was a game-changer.” This experience made him value patient relationships and being true to one’s word. 


His path towards orthodontics started after a conversation with his dad. His dad said, “If you want to become a doctor or dentist or any other health professional, they will teach you that in professional school, but what they will not teach you is how to run a business.”


This advice led him to major in finance, graduating #1 at the University of North Carolina Wilmington Business School and then completing dental school and orthodontic residency at the Medical College of Georgia.


Dr. Wilson’s commitment and dedication to his profession led him to settle in San Antonio ten years ago and buy his business, Mission Orthodontics. His business acumen came in handy: “We’ve built our building. We’re investing in the community and the long-term health of the business. Mission Orthodontics will be my legacy.” 


Philosophically, Dr. Wilson is a very conservative orthodontist who specializes in teenagers but treats individuals and families of all ages. “I apply the same high standards to treating your children and family as I do to my own, ensuring the best possible care,” he says.


Relationships between doctors and patients are about trust and confidence, starting with the patient’s first interaction with his staff. As a part of that team, Dr. Wilson prides himself on listening and taking notes to understand what’s important to his patients before making a recommendation. “When you give somebody your word, you give them a covenant.”  That’s his commitment throughout treatment. 


Although Dr. Wilson treats all patients, he enjoys working with teenage patients because they inspire him. “It’s a hard nut to crack sometimes, but when you do, you realize these kids are truly amazing,” he says. “Meeting patients where they are and taking care of their needs is a slow process, but when they start to see that progress, it creates feelings of confidence,” he reflects.


Dr. Wilson describes the journey toward treatment completion as exciting as they move closer to removing their braces. “It’s that they’re ready for their reveal and for the next chapter in their life to open, the post-braces chapter. It’s a transformation,” he says.


When asked about his family’s importance in the business’s success, he emphasized that it can’t be understated. His wife, Nicole, cosigned their original business loan and committed to his success. “She’s always been there and is vocal about who I am in the community. Our kids Bodie, Chloe, and Blakely wear Mission Orthodontic T-shirts around town and at school, where they tell all their friends whom to see for their smiles!”


Dr. Wilson’s work truly inspires and motivates him. He enjoys seeing the happiness of others, especially the transformation at the end of treatment. “The patient gets up from the chair and turns around to look in that mirror, and you should see the smiles on these people’s faces. It’s genuine,” he says.


In addition to his orthodontics practice, Dr. Wilson joined his wife in her endeavor to start Squeeze Massage, where he is a partner. He takes pride in his wife’s accomplishments and talks about the importance of serving the community’s needs, including clients, employees, other businesses, and each other.


It’s clear that Dr. Wilson loves his family, patients, and community and collaborates with all based on trust and the cultivation of genuine relationships. Dr. Wilson and his family are well-regarded in the community for their dedication to orthodontic excellence and wellness services. Mission Orthodontics and Squeeze Massage are located at 7978 Broadway, at the corner of Broadway and Sunset Rd.



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