Hair Trends of 2024

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Hair Trends of 2024:
An Expert’s Guide to Identifying the Ideal Style for You

By Alix Mane von Broock  |  Photography by Quantz Portrait


The world of hair trends is an ever-changing landscape, constantly evolving and adapting to the current zeitgeist. In 2024, the trends are diverse, exciting, and all about self-expression, confidence, and the strategic use of color as a visual tool to enhance your look. Hair trends don’t always have to follow the masses; they can still be fun, classic throwbacks. Trends are cyclical, so if bangs, bobs, and heavy layers are your thing, now is your moment to shine!


First and foremost, the bob haircut is making its triumphant return. This enduring and versatile haircut has weathered the test of time, continuing to be a popular choice for many individuals across the globe. What makes the bob so appealing is its myriad of variations. There’s a bob to suit every face shape and personal preference. Whether you’re a fan of an asymmetrical bob, a long bob, or a layered bob, there’s an option that perfectly accentuates your unique features. The bob is not just a haircut but a statement of elegance, sophistication, and style.


In addition to the bob, bangs are also making a significant comeback. Previously associated with a hasty hair decision, bangs have undergone a transformation. Today, they are seen as a symbol of boldness, individuality, and style. The possibilities are endless – from soft, wispy fringe that gently frames the face to chunky, statement bangs that command attention. Bangs have evolved from a spur-of-the-moment decision to a calculated move designed to enhance your overall look.


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An equally important trend is the strategic use of color. Similar to how makeup can brighten your face and give the illusion of rest and refreshment, the right hair color can significantly enhance your look. Hair color in 2024 is not just about dramatic transformations; it’s about enhancing your natural features, adding an extra touch of vibrancy, and injecting a fresh dose of color into your life. With the right color, you can command any room you walk into, drawing all eyes to you and making an unforgettable impression.


There’s no need to worry for those who are enamored with their long locks and are hesitant to part with them. You can still make a bold statement without sacrificing your cherished length. Opt for French layers, a unique technique that adds dimension and movement to long hair. If you’re feeling more adventurous, why not consider long curtains bangs? Names like Birkin Bang, a tribute to the British/French actress Jane Birkin, have become popular in the salon. Other trendy styles, such as Bardot and eyelash bangs, are also in demand. Regardless of the style, a skilled hairdresser can craft the perfect bangs for your face, so it’s always best to trust a professional rather than attempting it yourself.


While trends can be fun and a form of personal expression, executing them well and tailoring them to your style and lifestyle is essential. This is where a professional can assist. They can adapt the trend to your specific needs and ensure it’s a style you can uphold daily. A realistic expectation of upkeep is always something I discuss with my clients.


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2024 is a year dedicated to celebrating individuality and confidence in our hair choices. Whether you make a statement with a bob, express your personality with bangs, or enhance your long hair with layers or color, the most important trend is feeling confident and beautiful in your skin. So, embrace the trends of 2024 and let your hair be an extension of your personality, a testament to your individuality, and a celebration of your unique beauty. or 210.343.1273

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