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Amanda Garza


Amanda Garza, RA, RID, IIDA
Architect & Interior Designer/Owner


Why did you become an architect?


In high school, I faced the dilemma of choosing between the structured problem-solving world of engineering and the creativity of interior design. I realized I loved creatively solving problems and sought a path that forged both together.


I discovered a perfect synthesis at Kansas State University’s Master of Interior Architecture + Product Design program. I tackled micro and macro projects, from building my own furniture in a shop to designing built environments. This culminated in my thesis project of a school for children with autism, where every aspect of the environment, from layout to materials to furniture, was crafted to support learning and sensory integration.


My formative journey continued. Inspired by San Antonio’s rich cultural history, I pursued a Master of Architecture from The University of Texas at San Antonio, specializing in Historic Preservation. My Enlightened Urbanism thesis addressed the complexities of vacant urban buildings, exploring the intersection of historical context, contemporary needs, and financial feasibility in adaptive reuse.


I carry these lessons with me into my professional practice at GX2 Architects. Having built my own furniture, I have a deeper understanding of the constructability of my designs and an ability to communicate with fabricators during construction effectively. Designing for sensory experiences benefits everyone, not just the neurodivergent population. Honoring the heritage of the built environment and integrating seamlessly with the city’s fabric means that my designs stand the test of time and contribute to the urban fabric of our city.


As an interior designer and architect, I approach projects from an inside-out perspective. Through empathetic listening and focusing on understanding my clients’ wishes, I guide them from conceptual design through the construction process to realize their dreams. My expertise lies in seamlessly blending art, architecture, and interior design, ensuring aesthetic beauty and functionality.


GX2 Architects

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