Guy to Know: Oscar Villarreal, Jr.

Crafting Timeless Memories Through Jewelry

By Michelle Vasquez | Photography by David Teran


Oscar Villareal

In the heart of San Antonio, Oscar Villarreal Jr. shapes the local jewelry landscape with artistry, tradition, and innovation. His journey from a summer job to a lifelong passion in the jewelry business demonstrates the power of hands-on experience, creative drive, and the creation of family memories and heirlooms.


“I got into the jewelry business in 1979,” Oscar, a San Antonio native, recalls. He initially joined the industry through his uncle’s business, Dennis Jewelry. “I was going to college, came home one summer, and my uncle asked if I had a job. I didn’t, so I started working with him. Here I am, forty-four years later, still in it but with a shop of my own.” The shop is called The Jewelry Store, and it is located at 5603 Broadway.


Oscar’s passion for jewelry comes from his love for hands-on craftsmanship. “I have always been mechanical,” he says. “My uncle saw that in me. I am a bench jeweler by trade. I sit on the bench and manufacture from scratch. I sculpt, cast, and set – the whole turnkey process.”


Clients often bring heirlooms to Oscar, seeking to infuse them with new life. He views each piece as a puzzle, a challenge to merge past elegance with modern flair. “When clients come in, they bring a piece that’s been passed down. I maintain the integrity of the original piece while adding a contemporary touch that relates to the person who brought it into the store. It’s about storytelling,” he explains.


Oscar’s intuitive approach to his customers is pivotal. He believes in understanding the person behind each piece. “I have a good sixth sense when I read people. I look at them, see what they’re projecting, and try to incorporate that emotion and their style into the piece.” This connection makes Oscar’s work deeply personal and sought after.


When asked what clients should know about shopping for fine jewelry, Oscar highlights two things: work with a jeweler you trust and understand the context of how the piece will be worn. For example, pearls can vary in price, so he might ask what they want the pearls for and where they will wear them. “People come to me because they might not know what they want but have an idea; as a professional, I talk to them about their needs, wants, and style and then let them decide based on the options we have selected together,” Oscar explains. Working with him is about cultivating a trusted relationship, as purchasing jewelry is profoundly personal and symbolic.


It is the individual relationships that give Oscar a knack for intergenerational service. “I am a generational jeweler. I have worked for families of up to three, going on four generations. It’s not just about making a piece; it’s about creating a legacy.” This reputation for generational service is perhaps why his business thrives on word-of-mouth. People trust Oscar to preserve, update, and create new jewelry that will stand the test of time and be treasured for years to come, and others take note.


Oscar Villarreal Jr.’s transition from a summer apprentice to a master jeweler is a personal achievement and a testament to his consistent dedication to his craft. His commitment to preserving tradition and embracing innovation in jewelry-making has become integral to many families’ histories. As he merges traditional methods with modern designs, Oscar remains a key figure in the San Antonio jewelry community, known for his quality craftsmanship. His clients recognize him for creating pieces that hold special meaning and memories. Oscar Villarreal Jr. strives to make each item a part of the fabric of personal stories that are as unique as the individual.



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