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Texas Hill Country 22 x 30

“Texas Hill Country”

Margie Hildreth 

Watercolor on paper 

22” x 30” 

“I have always been drawn to the rugged landscapes and rolling hills of Texas, my home. I’m always on the lookout for a spectacular sunset or an interesting view wherever I go. I have painted throughout the United States, France, Italy and Spain. Watercolor is my medium of choice. I love the way it moves and blends in a way that requires letting go of control in order for it to do its own thing. I want to show the beautiful way dappled light falls across a hill or the way the sky looks pink just as the sun is rising early in the morning. It’s these little moments that are so fleeting but excite me the most, as to say, ‘Hey, stop and look at this.’” – Margie Hildreth 

Image provided by Art Gallery Prudencia 

2518 N Main Ave | (210) 422-8681 

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