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Elizabeth Strait, SVP, Wealth Advisor / Trust Officer

1.  How do you measure success with your clients?

Success with a client means we have a good rapport, and the client feels comfortable being open and honest about their financial goals. We surround our clients with a team based on the types of assets they would like us to manage, be it securities, real estate, or oil and gas. 

Opening up about personal finances might feel a little daunting. Over time our clients learn that we are not there to judge, but to educate and help them build a bright financial future and legacy. When a client tells me they know the team we have built around them is looking out for their best interest, I know we are doing our jobs well.

2.  Who needs help with financial planning?

I think we all need help with financial planning. The process of sitting down and looking at the types of assets you own and how those assets are working for you (or not working for you), can be very enlightening. It’s eye-opening to look at how you are spending your money. 

Financial planning is often treated as a chore that many people ignore or avoid. However, when we dig into a financial plan with a client, they find the experience not only educational, but even fun. I see clients get excited about how little decisions they make today can greatly impact their financial future. The result of a good financial plan can motivate clients to be more disciplined because they can see the long-term benefits of that discipline in black and white.

Broadway Bank Wealth Management

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Investments are: • Not FDIC Insured • Not guaranteed by the bank • Not a deposit • Not insured by a federal government agency • May lose value

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