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Fran Freeland Yanity, CEO/Founder, Clarissa Castaneda, Director of Public Relations and Sarah Strunk Meyers, VP of Digital

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1. What services does your agency offer?

Noisy Trumpet specializes in innovative marketing and advertising solutions, specifically in the areas of digital media and marketing, public relations, social media, and website design, development, and maintenance.

2. Do you specialize in specific industries or types of business?

The agency works with clients in many verticals, spanning numerous industries: from nonprofit to business-to-business and business-to-consumer.

3. How do you get to know your clients? How do you know if you are a fit for your client?

We vet potential clients as much as they vet the agency prior to working together. As part of our exploration and discovery process, we first align on goals. After analysis of the business and existing marketing assets, we provide strategic direction and tactics for how to get there based on our experience and industry expertise. Through years of doing this work, our processes and approaches yield the results our clients are looking for.

4. How do you measure success with your clients?

Success boils down to thorough communication and alignment on goals. What is the client’s objective, and how can we achieve those results? Success for a client may mean increased brand awareness, money raised, website traffic, tickets sold, phone calls received, or appointments booked. Each client’s needs are different. With a variety of services and tactics in our repertoire, our solutions are tailored for each situation.

5. What makes your business unique?

While we are a boutique agency focusing on specialty marketing approaches in the digital & PR realm, we can flex resources from our sister marketing companies (traditional advertising, events, production, etc.) as clients’ needs evolve and grow. We can be as big or as small as a client needs us to be, with one point of contact for all deliverables. Whether your company’s needs span the gamut across a variety of marketing and advertising channels or simply with one specialty service, we offer a seamless one-stop shop that streamlines the ever-evolving and complicated marketing space.

6. What is your vision for your firm for the coming year?

The vision for Noisy Trumpet over the next year is to continue to grow, expand and innovate while maintaining the client and staff rapport, responsiveness, and client success stories we’ve come to enjoy.

7550 W Interstate 10, Suite 505, San Antonio, Texas 78229, (210) 582-0505,


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