Gwynn Deaver, VP of Brand Strategy (Sitting); Rachel Witkowski, VP of Operations & Execution (Standing)

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1. What services does your agency offer?
We can help with logo development, graphic design, signage, marketing and media strategy, promotional collateral, event coordination, video/photo production, overall brand management and more. In 2021, we expanded our media production services to include an in-house studio available for anyone needing studio space for video, audio, or photography services.

2. Do you specialize in specific industries or types of business?
Our clients reach all industries: retail, healthcare, financial, restaurants, startups, franchises, education, and more. We truly thrive working with brands that value collaboration.

3.How do you get to know your clients? How do you know if you are a fit for your client?
Developing relationships with our clients is a crucial component of our success. Our clients are part of our BTY family.

4. How do you measure success with your clients?
Success is defined differently for each of our brands. Whether it’s tracking the number of sales that occurred in a week, the number of patients seen in a month, or the number of applications submitted in a year – our team remains focused on the specific outcome and goals identified by our clients. We collaborate with our clients to determine what measurement gives us the best indication of success.

5. What makes your business unique?
We believe powerful brands set themselves apart by leveraging what makes them unique and doing all they can with all they have today. All businesses and brands should be their BOLDEST, TRUEST versions of themselves. We do not believe that the traditional ad agency model is effective, we function as a marketing department for hire. We don’t bill by the hour; we focus on determining the needs of our clients and deliver services and fees based on a scope of work.

6. What is your vision for your firm for the coming year?
We’re focused on leveraging our investment in media production alongside our unique ability to help brands be their ‘boldest, truest you’ and help them reach their strategic objectives while achieving more.

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