Las Alteñas


When you think ‘mariachi’ you most likely think of the deep powerful sound of a man’s voice. But if you listen closely to this unique group, you’ll hear they are strumming, singing, and dancing to a different key. Mariachi Las Alteñas is an all-female mariachi group that is making waves across the United States.

Their mission is to achieve excellence as overall musicians and performers and to raise the standards for women in mariachi music. Mariachi Las Alteñas are known for their musical diversity, which appeals to crowds of all generations. The women that make up Las Alteñas are a stunningly beautiful group of musicians who are eager to share the pride for their Mexican heritage with their audiences.

Under the guidance of Valerie Vargas, founder and director, Mariachi Las Alteñas consists of 10 musicians who all serve as vocalists for the group: five violinists, two trumpeters, a guitarronista, vihuelista, and guitarrista, creating the iconic mariachi sound acknowledged and respected in the industry. Spectators are impressed with not only the ladies’ musicianship, but also with the group’s stage presence. The group’s philosophy is to not simply sing a song, but rather interpret the meaning and communicate that meaning with the audience. Their signature colorful trajes de charro and vocal harmonies draw abundant crowds from far and wide to their performances.

Mariachis are the flavor of Mexico, and in San Antonio Mariachi Las Alteñas and the city’s culture make the perfect combination. Their name Las Alteñas is taken from the birthplace of mariachi music, Jalisco, Mexico. The higher regions, Los Altos de Jalisco, is an area described as being near the top of the world and fans say these ladies are right up there! In a predominately male industry, this all-female group has indeed paved a unique path in the mariachi world. Las Alteñas will change what you think of mariachi music. They’re young, they’re driven, and with them, every night is ladies’ night.
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