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Dr. Julie Landry, PsyD., ABPP

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What sets you apart from other therapists?
I value collaborative and interactive conversations where clients teach me about their worldviews. My therapeutic approach is direct but supportive, and I take an active role in sessions to ensure clients get the best results possible.

What is “Concierge Therapy”?
Concierge therapy is an elevated and modern approach to mental healthcare. It’s an alternative to the traditional model. Clients have direct access to their providers. Our psychologists have smaller caseloads, which gives us more flexibility with scheduling and appointment times. It’s personalized care, customized to meet your needs without long wait times.

What do you enjoy most about your work?
I enjoy working with my clients and seeing them progress toward their mental health goals. I love working with my clients to think outside of the box and together find ways to capitalize on their strengths.

What career path led you to where you are today?
I’m a veteran and a mom of two neurodivergent boys. These experiences have helped shape how I interact with my clients, cultivating a passion for helping high-achieving individuals, couples, and neurodivergent people find their spark and joy in life.

Why start two mental health companies?
Halcyon Therapy Group and NeuroSpark share the same purpose – to help people find happiness. But the services provided to help people get there vary.

Halcyon Therapy Group caters primarily to high-achieving individuals, professionals, and their partners. Boutique therapy makes it easier for busy people to prioritize their mental health by offering flexible scheduling, greater access to their provider, and increased privacy. Our therapy and coaching services are provided by doctoral-level providers and are ideal for those seeking more intimate forms of therapy or personalized attention. And online services mean less time away from your busy schedule.

NeuroSpark is designed for the neurodivergent community. NeuroSpark offers virtual adult autism and ADHD assessments and coaching. We come from a place of total acceptance and zero judgment. We welcome all people across the beautiful, dynamic, multidimensional spectrum of neurodiversity, gender diversity, sexuality, and culture. While NeuroSpark seeks to fill a service gap, it’s much more than that. Our vision is that NeuroSpark erupts into a movement, creating a community of people ready to lift each other up.

We’re headquartered in San Antonio but offer all services (therapy, adult autism and ADHD assessments) virtually in 33 states. Phone number (210) 201-2556 | halcyontherapygroup.com | neurosparkhealth.com

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