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Some Elbow Room


Erin Callahan (President) and Amy Moody (Vice-President)



On the eve of the New Year in 1988, a freshly minted 10-year-old and her kindergarten sister moved to San Antonio from Duncanville, TX. Erin Morgan Callahan and Amy Morgan Moody were little girls who played together in the creek, rode bikes, and invented their version of broom ball on skates to play on the back patio during rainy days.


The sisters would grow up to become close friends, eventually acting as the other’s Maid-of-Honor, later becoming next-door neighbors and, best of all, business partners.



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Both went to Incarnate Word High School and the University of Texas at Austin. Erin would earn a BBA in Marketing, and Amy left with a degree and license from the Nursing School.


Now, after twenty years of pursuing their respective careers, family, and motherhood, they run Some Elbow Room as President and Vice-President. Callahan heads up the marketing and strategy, while Moody helms the operations wheel.


Word is spreading fast about this dynamic duo who have as easy a way with customers as they do with one another. Their company, Some Elbow Room, is becoming ubiquitous for ADU, granny pods, guesthouses, and mini-house all along the I-35 corridor. “Construction is an industry that needs women,” Moody says. “We bring a perspective that offers a personal, practical, and aesthetic touch.”



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“When we created our business model, I thought of my sister,” says Callahan. “She wants it all, the best. And she doesn’t like to think too hard about making decisions.” Elbow Room’s unique full-service approach is based on providing everything from design tools, architectural plans, HOA advocacy, permitting approvals, foundation, electrical, & plumbing engineering, project management, four separate inspections, and a year-long warranty.


Callahan and Moody’s long-term vision is to develop multiple divisions within Some Elbow Room. “I’d love to build a neighborhood full of multi-generational living lots,” says Callahan. When they aren’t working together, they frequently travel with their families or hang out in the backyard with neighbors. Whatever it is, they are bound to be making a stir.





Some Elbow Room
19302 N. 281 Hwy, San Antonio, TX 78258

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