Business Showcase: Noisy Trumpet

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Noisy Trumpet

Rising Above the Noise

Fran Freeland Yanity, Founder, and CEO, Partner

Sarah Strunk, VP of Digital Strategy, and Partner Clarissa

Castaneda, Director of Public Relations

By Alexis James | Photography by David Teran

Noisy Trumpet wants to help your organization stand out and rise above the noise! From website development and digital marketing to holistic PR campaigns, they are in your corner to successfully elevate your brand. It’s their goal for your message to “BE HEARD” as they incorporate a blend of strategy, creative ideas, and in-depth industry expertise to get you results.

Established in 2017, Noisy Trumpet was recently ranked as one of San Antonio’s fastest-growing companies and an Honoree of the 2021 San Antonio Business Journal Fast Track Awards.

The agency serves local, regional, and national businesses, organizations, and nonprofits across every industry. A woman-owned company, Noisy Trumpet is a fully integrated digital marketing and PR agency led by Fran Freeland Yanity, Founder, and CEO. With over 30 years of marketing and advertising experience, Fran obtained her MBA from Southern Methodist University. She honed her marketing expertise at The PM Group, where she rose from account service to the current Chief Operating Officer and President of The PM Group, the sister agency to Noisy Trumpet. She leads Noisy Trumpet with Partner Sarah Strunk, VP of Digital Strategy, and Partner Clarissa Castaneda, Director of Public Relations.

Fran and her team realized the industry was evolving. The demand for digital marketing was becoming too big to ignore, so they decided to start an agency that would bring digital marketing and public relations services under one roof. “There was an opportunity to help our clients grow in the rapidly shifting market. As demand increased, we knew the timing was right. The market was ready for our services,” says Fran.

Noisy Trumpet leverages strategy, creative ideas, and in-depth industry expertise to drive results for its clients. “We have amazing clients,” raves Mrs. Yanity. “We collaborate with our clients to develop something new and innovative for their event, product launch, or fundraiser.” “Trust is also very important to us. We believe that if we promise a client results, we do it! If we say we’re going to do something, then we deliver.”

When asked what the top three things a client can expect from Noisy Trumpet are, Fran said enthusiastically, “We are a Best in Class Agency. Innovation, Results, and Service. That’s what we have to offer.” She continues, “We’re a one-stop shop for business owners, and our goal is to meet the needs of our clients and take care of their digital marketing or PR needs.”

Fran imminently praises her team when asked how Noisy Trumpet has reached so many achievements over the past five years. “Our team is highly skilled and filled with great people who care about our clients and the city of San Antonio.” “Our team is amazing and truly knows how to resonate with people. We have the most innovative and passionate team collaborating to develop the best marketing solutions for our clients.”

When asked how she feels about leading her team, Fran replies, “My job is to help my employees find their strengths and the best place in the organization.” “I tell my employees that I’m not going to leave them where they are, and they understand that they will be pushed to grow. I want to help my employees get to where they want to go, come out of their comfort zones, and flourish.”

Noisy Trumpet also prides itself on being a Community First Agency, but those aren’t just words on their website; it’s a value that starts at the top with Fran and runs through the organization. In fact, in 2019, Noisy Trumpet added a program called “Volunteerism Matters,” an agency-wide program that rewards its staff for volunteering with local nonprofits. And they had 100% staff participation! Altogether, their staff logged over 1,100 volunteer hours in their initial year. “There are many needs in our community, and the resources we can bring are impactful,” says Fran.

Fran is proud of the advancements that Noisy Trumpet has made in just five years and is looking forward to the future. “We want to continue to grow and serve our San Antonio community. We’ll continue hiring the best talent and creating the best team to help facilitate the growth.”

Noisy Trumpet
7550 Interstate 10 West, Suite 505,
San Antonio, TX 78229 | (210) 582-0505 |

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