Women In Law : Lora Lozano

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Women In Law : Lora Lozano

At the age of four, Lora R. Lozano knew that one day she would be a lawyer. That’s when she set out on the path of becoming San Antonio’s “Lady Law”.

In April of 2019 “Lady Law” struck out on her own, founding the law office of Lora R. Lozano, specializing in personal injury cases. Lora’s empathy and compassion is her ever-present compass in guiding her in her service to others. “It’s important for me to be morally and ethically correct and connect with my clients”.  She’s been known to go the extra mile to ensure her client’s peace of mind.  “It’s personally rewarding when I can deliver a good outcome and put a recovery award in the victims’ pocket after an accident.”


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