Health Profile: MD Evolution Consult. M. Chance, Julie Lewis

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Health Profile: MD Evolution Consult. M. Chance, Julie Lewis

Julie Lewis is one of the managing partners with Evolution Consultants and brings private practice administration experience  for both specialty and primary care practice environments.   She works in many areas of Evolution but really enjoys the Electronic Health Records selection and implementations in addition to knowing the rules to the medical game, client onboarding, and understanding the flow of a medical practice. The first step of playing the game accurately is knowing the rules.

Misty L. Chance is the other managing partner with statistical benchmarking and cash-flow acceleration experience. Misty has a bachelor’s degree from Texas Tech University in Chemical Engineering. It is to this education that she contributes her analytical  fundamentals. The application of process control fundamentals and diligence to medical revenue cycles have made Evolution unlike any other Medical Practice Management Firm.

Misty and Julie both have two daughters each and enjoy family time.  Julie has one daughter who is a Junior at Texas Tech University and one on the way to TTU this fall.  Misty is an avid writer and painter in her spare time.  The two meet professionally and have combined their expertise into a full service, business of medicine consulting firm.  

Evolution places emphasis on a scientific approach to practice management, which includes observing the practice with fresh eyes, data trending, and strategy planning. Successful private practice is possible and Evolution clients are proving it!   

Evolution is a wonderful place to grow a career!  As the business side of medicine, there are many avenues for career exploration.  “We invest in people, and when you have happy, competent, tenured people working together for a common purpose, the sky is the limit,” remarks Misty. 

Evolution has been in business for almost 16 years and has a reputation built on start-up project management and cash flow improvements for existing practices.  “Private practice can still be viable in today’s medical market, they just need to be watched closer than ever before,” states Julie.


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