Dossier: Creative Blend

Stephanie DT1 4463

Dossier: Creative Blend

Stephanie Farber, President 

Creative Blend Design 

12722 O’Connor Road, San Antonio, TX 78233 

Direct: 210-602-7533 | Toll Free: 844-223-8326

  1. In what types of businesses or industries does your agency specialize?

Creative Blend Design has a diverse client portfolio of retail, real estate, construction, healthcare, nonprofits, and professional services. We are experienced with start-ups as well as national companies. 

2. What services do you offer? 

Website Design & Development, Advertising & Promotion, Marketing Communications, Graphic Design, Brand Message, Public Relations.

3. What are the greatest strengths of your agency?

  • We cultivate personalized relationships. We listen first to understand each client’s unique needs and place in their market, which allows us to not only deliver solutions but to create long-standing partnerships. 
  • Our collective ability to learn, adapt, and grow. We are constantly evolving our marketing technologies, skillsets, design, and workflow to match industry trends to best serve our clients. 

4. How would you describe your company culture?

We are a highly engaged, collaborative culture. We are motivated creatives invested in our clients’ positive outcomes. Every team member brings highly specialized skills to the table, which are celebrated as strengths that bring success to our team. 

We believe in health and wellness, and our office includes a gym space for staff and group classes led by professional trainers. While classes (from yoga to boxing and mixed martial arts) are elective, the sessions promote teamwork, fun, and personal growth. 

5. What makes your business unique?

  • We strive to find unique solutions that work for our clients. It is never one-size-fits-all. We map out individualized plans that pinpoint a need, solution, timeline, budget, and measurable results for each client.

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