Business Spotlight: McKenna Quinn

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Amber Haynes

President and Founder of McKenna Quinn

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Why did you decide to start McKenna Quinn? 

When I started McKenna Quinn, there were very limited options for women’s hunting apparel. I wanted to create clothing that women felt confident wearing and clothing that functioned appropriately in the field. But I also wanted to create something that was entirely made in Texas. 

What sets your business apart from your competitors? 

The quality of the products. There is a quality and craftmanship about American-made products. These pieces are made to last; they are durable and also beautifully tailored. That is something that can’t be replicated in mass production overseas. 

What do you enjoy most about your work? 

I enjoy getting to create. Designing the clothing and seeing it through production to completion is pretty amazing. I also really enjoy the platform McKenna Quinn has become in providing opportunities for women to enjoy the outdoors together. 

Tell us about guided hunts and blast & cast? 

When McKenna Quinn first started, I met many ladies who enjoyed hunting and shooting but struggled with finding other like-minded ladies to enjoy these activities with. I decided to host a ladies’ sporting clay event at Joshua Creek Ranch, and we had 100 ladies attend. Since then, McKenna Quinn has hosted ladies’ events across the country, including sporting clay shoots, dove hunts, duck hunts, quail hunts, pheasant hunts, cast and blasts, a goose hunt, and a long-range shooting event. 

What is the best review or feedback from customers you’ve received? 

My favorite feedback is from husbands. Every so often, I will get an email from a husband whose wife recently bought some clothing or attended an event and realizes how much she enjoyed hunting and being outdoors and then decides to follow up the experience by joining her husband in the field. The excitement husbands have when they get to share their passion for the outdoors with their wives is one of the sweetest things to hear. These are my favorite reviews and compliments ever.


At what point did you know McKenna Quinn was a success? 

When the clothing started to get recognized. When I would go to a hunt and people I didn’t know would ask me if my shirt was a McKenna Quinn. That was a really great feeling. 

How do you spend your time outside of work? 

I am blessed to be a mom to two amazing girls. I have one who is incredibly creative and one who deeply loves the outdoors. I am completely enamored watching them pursue their passions and seeing what they develop their passions into. 

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McKenna Quinn

Retail location: Los Cazadores, Gordy and Sons, Joseph and Sons, Joshua Creek Ranch, Sportsmans Finest


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