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Dr. Pamela Ray

Oak Hills Periodontist



What sets your practice apart from other dental practices?

I have such an amazing team of women that work with me. I constantly get compliments on how professional and caring my team is. Unfortunately, the public often is not treated well or competently in this day and age. My team is an integral part of the excellence we deliver.


What oral health issues have you seen as a result of COVID?

Many of our long-term maintenance patients could not be seen regularly, so they ended up with recurrent periodontal problems that required treatment! This was very disappointing to them, but we have slowly been able to bring their health back and look forward to many years of keeping that way for them. I am very blessed that our patient population is getting vaccinated and has managed to stay well for the most part.


What types of services do you offer?

I treat diseases affecting the gum and bone, and I also do cosmetic procedures to cover exposed roots and, in some cases, expose more tooth when patients have a “gummy” smile.


When should people see an Periodontist? 

Anytime you suspect you have an infection in your gum tissue, bleeding gums, loose teeth, or soreness around your teeth that does not resolve in 14 days, you should see a periodontist. Seeing a periodontist does not require a referral; you always may refer yourself.



Oak Hills Periodontist

5419 Fredericksburg Road

San Antonio, TX 78229 


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