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MadWomen Marketing

Liane Garrett, Director of First Impressions

Photography by Stacey Crick

Who is Liane Garrett?

Liane is the co-owner of MadWomen Marketing, but she considers herself the “Director of First Impressions.” She can be seen at events throughout Northeast San Antonio, including Live Oak, Schertz, Selma, Universal City & Cibolo area. Liane still answers the phone because she has a personal connection with her clients and wants to remain accessible at all times.

Who is MadWomen Marketing?

We’re a couple of fun chicks that have been in the marketing game for almost 25 years!

Where did they come from?

Liane’s business partner, Stacey Crick, purchased a Rental Guide franchise in 1996, Liane joined her team in 1998. Together they grew the publication & eventually got tired of the restriction’s that a franchise demands, so they started Apartment Search Magazine. In 2006 they sold it & took a few years off and worked on small projects, which eventually lead to the launch of MadWomen Marketing in 2013!

Why MadWomen…Are they angry? 

Not at all, “Mad” stands for Marketing, Advertising & Design.

Although if you’ve ever meet Liane, you’d probably say “she’s mad,” but in a fun way.

What services does MadWomen Marketing offer?

Graphic Design & Print:

Everything from logos to magazines.

Website Design: 

Everything from landing pages to custom designs.

Promotional Marketing: 

Everything from pens to bags to video brochures and everything in between

What else should we know about Liane?

Liane is passionate about supporting LOCAL businesses & has been heavily involved with her Rotary Club (Randolph Metrocom) for 11 years, serving in numerous positions. She’s also serving as Public Image Chair for Rotary District5840. She’s passionate about growing her club and serving her community, using her marketing experience. She encourages EVERYONE to learn more about Rotary to help grow their business and serve their community.

Liane Garrett

Director of First Impressions

MadWomen Marketing

(210) 683-1169

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