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Sherrie Sanderson antiques san antonio texas interior design

What is your favorite design project?

A clean palette from the ground up.
Having to use your great grand-mother’s sofa when you desire a new fresh modern home can be limiting.
If given the challenge, though, we upholster it with a punchy, colorful fabric to give it new life!

How do you help clients find their decorating style?

By getting to know them, how they live, and what they want their home to reflect. Most of my clients are confident, warmhearted, expressive, and open to new ideas. They’re not shy.
The house should reflect the family that lives in it. Usually, I find it can be filled with interesting treasures from their travels. Textiles can be brought to new life in headboards and statement pieces. Colorful pillows can enhance a sofa or can be tucked into a comfy chair. Using a splash of antiques creates warmth. The richness of a room can seduce, or the simplicity can calm you.

How would you define your design style?

With this question, I am going to answer with things I love.
I love beautiful textiles and fabrics. I incorporate them in all my homes.
I love to create unique, one of kind objects out of 17th and 18th-century elements.
I love homes that have a bit of whimsy but are sophisticated.
I love the romance of flowers or something green to ground you to the earth.
There is not one particular style I’m drawn to, however as I have gotten older, I have found myself loving clean, simple lines. Balance and symmetry play a certain role. A home should bring you to a place of comfort and refuge. The objects should enchant and delight you when you walk in.

Decorating shows – love them or leave them?

I’m proud of the people—- they have enhanced their careers and have done an amazing job with their clients. However, it’s not my thing.


Sherrie Sanderson

5405 Broadway Street

San Antonio Texas, 78209

A Little Room DBA Sanderson Antiques and Designs



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