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Sheila Masterson Piazza Realty Group San Antonio Texas

Sheila Masterson Piazza 

 Piazza Realty Group, LLC

Who are the men standing behind you in the picture?

Some women believe that to be an independent, strong woman means you cannot have help from a man. But the truth is a strong person knows to ask for help from whoever can help them succeed. In my case, it happens to be a tribe of men: mentors, self-defense instructors, lawyers, investors, future deal makers, clients, and confidants.

What do you enjoy the most about your work?

Every day is different. There are hurdles sometimes in getting the sale from under contract to closed. I like a challenge, and I enjoy being a problem solver. But most of all, I enjoy my clients, which most of the time wind up being not just a client but a friend.

What changes have you seen in real estate over the past year?

The market is transitioned to a sellers’ market due to COVID, lack of inventory, and the influx of people moving from other states to Texas. Low interest rates are also stimulating the market. Like everything else, real estate has also made a huge transition to more online and virtual sales.

What makes Piazza Realty different from other real estate brokerage firms?

My customers can go to one place and find their home, the money to buy their home, AND the right insurance coverage. A company to manage their properties if they are a portfolio investor. My agents can obtain multiple licenses to maximize their talent and provide added knowledge AND service.

Where do you see your business in five years?

I currently have agents in San Antonio and Dallas. I am looking forward to expanding to other cities in Texas with my one Agency concept. 

What do you do to relax outside of work?

When in San Antonio, I usually enjoy a nice day by the pool with a margarita and a good book! I am Italian. I like to make a home-cooked meal and enjoy a glass of wine. I also love to grab my friends and try all the amazing new restaurants San Antonio has to offer and maybe stop by a karaoke bar to end the night. Otherwise, I love to travel.

What is the best advice you ever received?

From my Father, always consider the source of the information, stay your course in life and never ever give up. 

Piazza Realty Group, LLC

Piazza Lending, LLC

Piazza Insurance Agency, LLC

Office location(s): Real Estate & Lending: 7227 Broadway San Antonio, Texas 78209

Insurance: 29710 US HWY 281 N STE 101 Bulverde, Texas. 78163

Phone number: Piazza Realty Group: 210-822-2702

Piazza Lending: 210-881-7919

Piazza Insurance: 210-775-0572

Website: ,, Sheila Masterson Piazza

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