Lending a Hand and Making Change in the Community

By: Jenny Jurica

Photography by David Teran

Under the general job title of “banker,” you will find experts in wealth management who can help you to grow your portfolio or achieve your goal of buying a vacation home. You might also find bankers who specialize in fraud management, charged with making that dreaded phone call informing you that your accounts have been compromised and who help you to navigate the road back to financial security. You would also head directly to your trusted local banker for help in maneuvering through the financial paperwork associated with starting your own business or for guidance on how you can manage to send kids to college without amassing too much debt. 

Bankers can be found seated behind the desks at your local bank, eager to help, passionate about assisting their clients in achieving their financial goals, and often grow to become like trusted family members. These three women in banking run the gamut of banking roles, but each finds contentment and motivation in helping their customers achieve their dreams and protect their assets. 





Elizabeth Hetrick

Director of Wealth Advisory

Broadway Bank





Angie Lewis

Vice President of Business Banking

The Bank of San Antonio





Sandy Sullivan

Vice President of Fraud Management

Frost Bank





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