SPOTLIGHT: ATKG Tax Partners Allison Miller and Diane White

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After working for a national accounting firm, what do you see as the greatest differentiator when serving clients at ATKG?

All tax and accounting firms can prepare tax returns; where we shine at ATKG is helping our clients with everything else. We spend considerable time analyzing what matters to our clients – growth, succession planning, peace of mind – and we help them achieve those goals. ATKG’s expansive network of business affiliates means we can help our clients with most issues they face. Indeed, we consider ourselves more of a concierge firm than an accounting firm.  Allison Miller

Looking back on 2020, what were the ways you assisted clients manage the financial impact of COVID? 

2020 was marked with difficulties and uncertainty, but it also was a year of opportunity and growth. We faced numerous legislative changes from the Paycheck Protection Program to retroactive tax law changes. However, it presented opportunities to help clients get money back in their pockets. From a personal wealth aspect, we assisted clients with year-end estate planning to continue to work towards their goals, even amid political and economic uncertainty.  Diane White

How does becoming a partner at a young age impact the future of other women in your firm?

I hope that becoming a partner at a young age shows the other women in our firm that anything is possible. I have two young kids, and I stay very active in their lives while growing in my career. Managing both can be hard at times, but the rewards outweigh it. I am grateful to the current partners for laying a foundation that provides the opportunity for women to truly have it all.  Diane White

Making partner at this age is a testament to the firm’s leadership; it shows that you can be successful by working hard and looking for the good in life. Diane and I are the newest stewards tasked with maintaining the firm’s long-term success. As a wife and a mom to a five-year-old son, making partner shows that you can find fulfillment in your career and your family.  Allison Miller


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