Elize Pruske & Taylor Dahlgren

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You might say that as a child, Elize Pruske had the “(Grand) mother” of all professional influences. In the 1960’s, when many women didn’t have careers outside of the home, Pruske’s grandmother was an accomplished, top-producing residential real estate agent.

“She had a dining room table with a black rotary dial telephone and an oversized Rolodex with all of her listings in it. I remember flipping through the listings. I just knew that I wanted to be a businesswoman like her,” recalled Pruske.

Pruske, who has been in business since 1984 and been a member of CREW since 1989 (serving as President in 1995), not only fulfilled her childhood goals but also became a mentor for other young women in the field of commercial real estate, namely, her niece, Taylor Dahlgren.

Dahlgren pivoted away from a career in medicine to pursue a career in commercial real estate under the guidance of her aunt.

“In retrospect, Elize has always been a mentor to me, with or without holding that title. I’ve always aspired to have her initiative, drive, and disposition,” Dahlgren added.

As Pruske explains it, the ideal mentor should,“Bring knowledge and experience to the relationship, along with guidance and insight, while also providing introductions and connections to business and industry networks.”

And, as Dahlgren achieves her goal of completing her Master’s degree in December, she reflects on her experience as Pruske’s mentee.

“I’m overjoyed to know that I’m finally able to give back to the person who ultimately ignited my passion for commercial real estate,” said Dahlgren.




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