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Tiffanie Clausewitz

Tiffanie Clausewitz

President Clausewitz Law Firm

As a self-described “activator,” Tiffanie Clausewitz counts her ability to set plans into motion as one of her super powers, both personally and professionally. professionally. And this superpower has been advantageous both in the field of business law, as well as in the leadership of several local community organizations that Clausewitz has been instrumental in forming.

Shortly after graduating from Texas A&M University, Clausewitz found herself looking for a way to make a difference. This longing to do more led Clausewitz to pursue her law degree at St. Mary’s University School of Law, a program that is known to be especially good for non-traditional students (Clausewitz was 31 years old at the time).

Clausewitz, now in her 12th year practicing business law, started her own firm, Clausewitz Law Firm in August of 2019. While her firm keeps her busy attending to her small to midsize business clients, Clausewitz’s true passion comes from helping other female attorneys to become leaders. In 2014, she founded the Bexar County Women’s Bar Foundation’s LEAD Academy, a leadership program for San Antonio women attorneys.

“We help women attorneys determine who they are and what they want out of the practice. We help to identify their strengths and teach them how to get around barriers that might (otherwise) cause them to leave the field,” explained Clausewitz. 

As for tips to young women pursuing a career in law, Clausewitz offers some sage and universal advice.

“Find a network of women and find them quickly! Ingratiate yourself and become a contributing member of the network. A supportive tribe will be there to advise you and hold you up when you need it,” advises Clausewitz.


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